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In 1991, Soochow Medical College approved our hospital to conduct the establishment of five teaching and research sections as internal medicine, surgery, neurology, nuclear medicine and radiology diagnostics.
In 1993, The Second Department of Clinical Medicine in Soochow Medical College was established.
In 2000, after the mergence between Soochow Medical College and Soochow University, we were renamed as Second Department of Clinical Medicine, Soochow University.
In 2008, we were renamed as the Second Clinical Medical College of the Medical Board of Soochow University.
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Visiting Students
1The hospital carries out undergraduate teaching for medical students, offering 88 courses; 2350 master students have been trained, 156 graduates will be graduated in 2019; 1331 doctoral students will be trained and 180 students will be graduated in 2019. By the end of 2019, 1065 regular students and 2615 advanced students have been trained, and 250 national continuing education classes, 244 provincial-level and 36 municipal continuing education classes have been set up.
Soochow Medical Students International Exchange Association (SMSA) was established on December 29, 2014 and is one of fifteen members of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations in China (IFMSA-China). SMSA aims to increase the exposure of medical students at Soochow University to humanitarian and global health issues, provide access to global clinical and research exchanges, and help establish a network that connects active medical students around the world.